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Sally O'Brien's - March 23rd

LAST SHOW w/ Pineapple Jam and Boagrius

Somerville, MA

 Artwork by Corey Pane :

Artwork by Corey Pane :

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Give It Up

by John E Funk and The Skunks

released December 8, 2017
Recording, Mixing, and Production: Cairo Marques-Neto
Mastering: Paul Kouris and Cairo Marques-Neto
EIT: Emily Burke, Greg Leo, Thomas Hinds
Assistants: Aleksandra Pasek, Nick Leonard
Artwork: Natalie Booth
@Green Line Records

Guitar and Vocals: John E Funk
Bass: Jameson Walsh
Drums: Michael Azar
Saxophone: Andrew Douris
Trombone: Gabriel Rothman
Trumpet: Alex Oh
Trumpet: Dan Hickson
Keys: Cairo Marques-Neto

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Piece of Pie

Recorded at BearTone Studio
Mixed by Hamstank
Mastered at Sage Audio

Artwork by Libby

July 29, 2017

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July 1, 2016

Recorded @ Kennedy Studios, Burlington MA

Recorded and Mixed by Peppers Debaros

Mastered by Sage Audio

Album Art by Corey Paine

Piece of Pie


John E funk and the skunks


John E Funk & The Skunks are a four-piece funk rock band currently spreading their stanky jams throughout Boston, MA. John E Funk (guitar, vocals), Jameson Walsh (bass), and Mike Azar (drums) first got together as students at the University of Hartford, and soon after moving to Boston post-grad, they found Gabe Rothman (trombone) in the most heavenly Cragislist match of all time. Their sound draws from diverse influences, including The Arctic Monkeys, Silversun Pickups, James Brown, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, creating an irresistible combination of high-energy, groovy rock n’ roll. The group’s fiery attitude shines most in live performances, and the boys perform regularly in New England bars and clubs, including an opening slot for Reel Big Fish and Bad Rabbits in Hartford, CT and a packed headlining performance at the Boston Hard Rock Café.

Praise has flowed freely every time they hit the stage, including reputable sources such as Mike’s Dad, who said “You guys sound really great”, Jameson’s Mom, who said “I’m buying everyone drinks!”, and Kristin Wiig, who said “I, Kristin Wiig, yes it’s really me, do hereby endorse John E Funk & The Skunks as a badass rock n’ roll band”.

With two live studio albums and an EP available, The Skunks are constantly writing new original music, pushing themselves to incorporate more diverse styles and get funkier, groovier, and stankier. Keep an eye out for their signature smelly sounds at your favorite Boston venue!


Vocals, Guitar / John E Funk

Bass / Jameson Walsh

Drums / Mike Azar

Trombone / Gabe Rothman


Johnny D's Show Kick Drum.jpg
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